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What else do we offer?

In addition to the standard melamine faced board, and depending on the properties of the impregnated paper used in the manufacturing of the product and/or the base board, we have additional characteristics:

ANTIBACTERIAL MELAMINE FACED BOARD This board is covered by a specially impregnated melamine paper which provides lasting and improved antibacterial properties by preventing the growth of bacteria according to ISO-22196. These type of boards are specially indicated for environments where hygienic requirements are critical such as hospitals, schools, toilets, food handling areas, etc.

FIRE RETARDANT MELAMINE FACED BOARD This decorative board behaves well under fire conditions due to its low flame spread rate. It may be manufactured using two types of base boards: fire retardant particleboard or fire retardant MDF covered with a specially impregnated melamine paper. The result is a decorative panel classified as B-s2-d0 (Euroclass definition by EN-13501 Norm).

DUPLO This board has two melamine papers on each face, resulting in a more consistent surface and with a better quality of the final finish. This product is recommended for all types of applications: furniture, doors, screens, cabinets and in general any vertical board that requires a more consistent surface.

VARNISHING This board, covered with a decorative paper, is specially made so that its surfaces can be varnished thereby achieving the same visual look and feel of natural varnished wood. Technical specifications, as far as the surface characteristics are concerned, are different to those of the standard melamine board as they would largely depend on the type of finish applied (varnish or paint).