Losán Solid Wood: two years in the market Losán

Losán Solid Wood: two years in the market

Losán Solid Wood: two years in the market | Evolution of Losán's sawmill in Spain

Losán's sawmill in Spain continues to grow after its first two years of life. Thanks to its team of 50 people, we are working four production shifts, including week ends. This allows us to produce around 400 m3 per day of timber, which means that in 2019 we expect to produce close to 100,000 m3 with a consumption of about 250,000 m3 of tree trunk.

Losán Solid Wood has one of the most innovative technologies of the Iberian Peninsula and therefore, the cutting and dimensional quality and of our product is exceptional. Our customers are amongst the best packaging manufacturers in the world. We export to different countries such as Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Malaysia, China, Costa Rica, Peru, Vietnam, etc.

In addition to the attention to the final product, for Losán it is essential to take care of the environment and therefore we are certified in sustainable forest management PEFC and FSC, in addition to phytosanitary measures NIMF.