One year online Losán

One year online

One year online | Or how to go from the eighth page to the first in Google through organic marketing.

One year in the digital market can have dramatic leaps. Technology goes so fast it is sometimes difficult to keep up. Iot, chatbots, quantum computing… in this industry field that nurtures from wood, all these words seem very distant.

However, step by step, Losán has been improving its online presence. In April 2018 we launched our new website, developed by La Esponja, with the aim of updating our online image and enhancing what makes us different, design. Losán was in Google’s eighth page and after two months it moved to the first page. Today, one year later, we are in the second position, just above some of our most relevant competitors.

Organically, Losán has kept growing thanks to you, the users who read us and search for us. We strengthened our social media by opening Linkedin, with an industrial approach; Pinterest, focusing on melamines and design; and Instagram, to promote the beauty of our wooden floors through Step & Wall.

We also came up with our own “Woodpedia”: a webpage in which you can find all product related info such as articles and news about Losán, data sheets and downloadable catalogues, and of course, an encyclopedia with the essential guide to wood related terms. The newsletter, edited in Spanish and English and aimed at those who want to stay tuned to our news has also helped with natural growth.

After this first year of renewed website, we keep working on improving content. We want to highlight everything we are working on, such as our engineered wood flooring or the updating of our facilities which, undoubtedly improves the quality of our products, but without forgetting what makes us unique: our passion for wood, our focus on design and our customer oriented ethos.

One year in a tree’s life appears engraved in each growth ring. Nature moves slowly so that you can enjoy the beauty of each stage. Losán, like wood, grows at a steady pace and knows how to adapt to each situation. Losán is nature, industry and digital.