Bubinga Losán


Bubinga | Guibourtia demeusei

Origin and availability:

This wood is found in Central Africa, chiefly in Cameroon and Gabon. The forested area is significant. Production and export are stable.

Wood description:

The sapwood is a whitish or reddish grey color, and the heartwood is a reddish brown to faded pink color. The sapwood is clearly differentiated. It displays numerous narrow discontinuous streaks in the grain of a violet, pink or red color and some wider more diffuse brown streaks.
The grain can be straight or slightly interlocked; sometimes it can also be wavy. The texture of the grain varies from fine to medium.


The drying rate is slow. There are some slight risks of warping and check- ing. (Some sources classify these as high risks.) It is advisable to carry out a period of initial conditioning before kiln-drying to diminish the development of defects.
Recommended drying schedules are number 3 from the CTFT, and T2-C2 (4/4) and T2-C1 (8/4) from the FPLM.

Natural durability and ease of penetration:

The wood is graded as durable against the action of fungi and termites, resistant to lyctids, and moderately resistant to marine borers. The heartwood is not penetrable, while the sapwood is penetrable.

Technological properties:

The wood is easy to saw. The use of high-powered equipment and stel- lite saws is recommended. Saws become dulled very quickly. This is a suitable wood for obtaining sliced veneer. No information is available concerning the convenience of rotary-cutting.
Although it is a very hard wood, machining presents no problems, but precautions are necessary because of raised grain. High-powered equip- ment is necessary. Machinery becomes dull very quickly and the use of tungsten carbide tools is recommended.
Gluing is delicate and is recommended for interior use only. (The wood must be dry and the surface in good condition.) Holes must be bored before nailing or screwing. Finishing presents no problems.


High quality cabinetwork and furniture./ Decorative veneers./ Exterior carpentry./ Interior carpentry: floors, stairs and paneling./ Structural framing./ Railroad ties./Turnery./ Vehicle and container flooring,
It is a decorative wood and somewhat resembles rosewood