Birch Losán


Birch | Birch

Origin and availability:

This wood is found in Canada and the United States. The forested area,
production and export are stable.

Wood description:

The sapwood is creamy white in color and the heartwood is pale brown.
The wood displays figures or grains that are highly valued in the furniture
industry and for decorative purposes. The wood is straight-grained. The texture of the grain is fine.


This is an easily dried wood. Extracts from this wood can cause discoloration.
Recommended drying schedules are schedule H from the PRL,
T10-C4 (4/4) and T8-C3 (8/4) from the FPLM.

Natural durability and ease of penetration:

The wood is classified as not durable against the action of fungi, and as
susceptible to anobiids and termites. As to ease of penetration, the
heartwood and sapwood vary from penetrable to moderately penetrable.

Technological properties:

This wood is very apt for obtaining rotary-cut veneer or sliced veneer.
Machining presents no problems. Tools become dull at a normal rate.
Reduction of the cutting angle to 201/4 is recommended when the
wood is wavy-grained.Gluing, nailing, screwing and finishing  present no problems.


Turnery: Spoons./ Paddles./ Bobbins./ Toys./ Agricultural implements. The
best lumber is normally used for making plywood or for obtaining decorative