Wood and Music Losán

Wood and Music

Wood and Music | a lifelong relationship

Wood and music work well together. They go hand in hand in instruments or even turntables, auditoriums or concert halls. Sala Pelícano, a concert hall in La Coruña, is covered in wooden panels not only for its aesthetic impact but also for how wood naturally enhances music.

Acoustic properties

Wood acts as a reverberation dampener, that is, it reduces echoes while increasing sound clarity. In large auditoriums, theaters and concert halls like the one featured, it is essential that sound is sharp and well defined at any given area. For this reason, the project, by Marcos Samaniego, wraps the entire inside of the building in wood to achieve high quality acoustics.


The space combines greys and natural tones with an imposing balcony in smoked eucalyptus that oversees the dance floor. Eucalyptus is a galician local wood species with infinite possibilities. It can be dyed, heat-treated and, as in this case, smoked, acquiring some very sophisticated dark shades. The cloakroom area is panelled in a slightly smoked olivato ash that intensifies its natural toasted and warm tone. Finally, the bar area and the remaining walls of the space are covered with a neutral gray tulip tree that gives the finishing touch to the interior design project.

Music dances along with wood grain in this project that is both a night club and a concert hall. Let the rhythm of nature inspire you.